Free Art

I’m making the all work on this page free for anyone to download, print, distribute and share under a (Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivs) Creative Commons licence – Feel free to download and make yourself or friend a print. I only ask you keep work title and name intact. Click on images to open in new window (right click to download)

12 Responses to Free Art

  1. […] ‘Free Art’ designs include Elvis Presley and James Dean juxtaposed within a different era and Michael Collins […]

  2. Ciaran Behan says:

    Very generous.

  3. great thanks for sharing I might use on or two in Free screen prints for my new studio .If thats OK I’ll send you a copy or two aswell !

  4. […] of some of his activist style artwork for free download. Head over to his website to have a look (Click here). St. Leger is also a street artist, you can catch him on Phantom (105.2FM) on Friday nights from […]

  5. harry Kenny says:

    excellent work

  6. Simon says:

    Hey there was in wall and Keogh today when I saw the duty free state print. Really cool and very clever!

  7. what medium is the femme fatale one, i think i wanna make something like that also

    • Will St Leger says:

      Hi Hannah, The orginial femme fatale was spray paint on canvas. Afterward it became a screen print on paper. Will

  8. Thankyou for your generosity. I have just finished a PhD on the socialisation of Irish nationalism and am framing ‘Duty Free State’ to give to my supervisor. Its brilliant .

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