Past Shows

Bluetooth Fairy November 2009

Bluetooth Fairy is a virtual download show, where no work will be displayed on the walls, instead members of the audience will receive the digital files via Bluetooth on their mobile phones. Once someone had received a piece of work they will be able to send the artwork via Bluetooth to high quality Canon printers at the show.

There were 10 new pieces of work, some unreleased recent work, some unseen secret pieces. Only 10 people at the show would be selected at random to receive the work and they must choose to share the work with everyone else via Bluetooth or keep it completely to themselves. Either way the the digital files are released with a Creative Commons license, which allows the receiver to distribute, share, remix and reprint the work for non-commercial purposes.

I wanted the participants in the show to take the work away to share and reproduce it as a gift for their friends. There’s a maximum of 75 tickets per show and it ran 11, 12, 13th November at Filmbase in Dublin.

Antics Rouge Show, 2008

An anarchic art show where a crew of street artists reworked crap suburban paintings into urban masterpieces. The audience brought us bad art and we pimped it.

I really enjoyed this year’s fringe show, it was so easy going and unpretentious. The location of the show was a back alley studio and indie gallery called RedSpace. We dressed it up with old furniture and put beer in coolers and let everyone feel at home.

I did a small intro and slagged off some of the art people brought and then our artists came down stairs and got to work, spraying, painting, sticking and stenciling on each piece. At the end we hung everything up and it all looked amazing. Thanks to everyone that came along and the talented artists that pimped the work.

Here’s some YouTube footage from the second night.



Art Raid, 2007 & 2008

Art RaidThe first Art Raid took place in September 2007. It was more like an experiment than an idea. It’s a simple premise; 60 people come to a art exhibition, look at the work and socialize over booze. Sounds pretty normal, except everyone is told that at any moment an alarm will trigger and they’re allowed to grab a piece of work and run away with it.

Here’s the first night in Dublin

After it’s success in Dublin, I brought theatre company thisispopbaby on board to give it extra drama. We took Art Raid to The Arches in Glasgow in April 2008. We added extra bits like; more security guards with metal detectors and radios (too intimidate people), a secret actor in the show would knock a stenciled vase off a plinth (which smashed a caused everyone to jump) then finally when the alarm went off the lights in the gallery would switch to red.

In June 2008, we took Art Raid to Cork for Kinsale Arts Week. This time we took over the Haydn Shaughnessy art gallery in Kinsale. The security guards were very convincing and we used the burglar alarm of the gallery which was deafening inside and out.

Here’s footage from Kinsale


Celebrity Guns and Ammo, 2007

Some work from my second solo show; ‘Celebrity Guns & Ammo’ held in The Hive, Dublin 4th April 2007

Wash Day——————————————————-

Artivism, 2006

Artivism, was my first ever show. I had been working for Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment and had been itching to do creative work again after a two year break. I saved some money, bought canvases and spray paint and started to produce some stencils of the thoughts that were going through my head.

The first thing I noticed about Ireland after being away from 10 years was how much money there was about the place. People seemed to be obsessed with designer clothes, luxury brands and status. I wondered what heroes like Michael Collins or Padraig Pearse would think if they were to see how absorbed the Irish people had become in their new found (EU supplied) wealth.

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