Bank of Secrets

Bank-of-SecretsJanuary for me is that time of year when I’m not feeling my best. It’s a combination of short daylight time, creative inactivity and post Christmas blues. This year I’ve decided to break that pattern by creating a new project called, The Bank of Secrets – the concept is simple. I’m opening a ‘bank’ at Gallery X, 65 South William Street for one day.  I’m asking the public to come there and deposit a secret on paper. These secrets will not be read, instead that will be sealed and burned to ashes, mixed with water based paint and turned into a mural on Project Arts Centre . Visit and like our Facebook page or follow project on Twitter.

Update 17th  Jan

Bank of Secrets opened it’s doors yesterday and 68 people deposited their secrets throughout the day.  It was a great honour for me to be entrusted with the sealed writings of people’s inner most thoughts.

The secrets deposits have been burned to ashes and are now ready to be mixed with waterbased paint for the final mural on the outside of Project Arts Centre

Update 19th Jan

After  the Bank of Secrets closed, I burned the secrets deposited and ground down the ashes to powder. I then mixed these with white, water-based paint to create the 10ft by 12ft typographic mural on Project Arts Centre. The elements (wind and rain) have now full control of this piece and it will be interesting to see what happened next.

Many thanks  to:. Cian, Claire, Annette, Joseph, Mick, Aaron and all the staff at Project Arts Centre –  To. Declan and staff at Snap printing. To Giovanni at Gallery X. And my sincere thanks to filmmakers : Max, Marcus  and Akardiy.

Update 15th Jan 2017

One year ago, I created a project called Bank of Secrets which culminated with painting a large mural, ‘Troubles Fade Out in the Open’ on Project Arts Centre – During the process a film crew lead by filmmaker, Max Damm documented the planning, the work and my own personal struggles. Here is the trailer for Problem Solver: