Inside We’re Spooning

Inside We're Spooning

I recently submitted this one off piece called, “Inside We’re Spooning’ for an exhibit organised by No Fixed Abode in support of Marriage Equality at The Copper House Gallery.

The idea for the piece comes from our need to cuddle and spoon eachother, regardlesss of gender or orientation. The chemical structure at the top of the spoons is Oxytocin, which is a powerful hormone that is released when we hug or kiss a loved one.

Panti Punti

Panti Punti

Here’s my post recession ‘Punti’ for a new exhibtion called ‘Punta Nua‘ next week. The note uses ‘£’ symbol upside-down and features Irish drag artist Panti. Set against image of Dublin’s architectural beauty, Samuel Beckett bridge juxtaposed with Anglo Irish building eye sore. Domination start with 3 Puntis, as in, “queer as a three-punti note”

Notice how Ireland is getting a finger bang off the Welsh.

My huge thanks to a great photographer, William Murphy of for making background image available under Attribution-ShareAlike, Creative Commons licence.