Remembering Jo Hancock

Very sad news.

Jo Hancock who was on Greenpeace climb team and Glastonbury crew died on Friday in a road accident.

I met Jo for the first time in Dublin in April when she arrived in Dublin to do a direct action on the Spire, on O’Connell street. She called me when she arrived and I knew straight away we get on well. On the morning of the direct action Jo was buzzing with excitement, Frank attached a weather balloon filled with Helium to her and  we headed for the Spire and flew a banner up the monument.  Later that day when we took everything down we saw all the TV news that we’d made.  Here is Jo in action with Greenpeace

She was a great climber, a really gutsy activist and we all loved her. I’m really going to miss you Jo, thanks for being a friend and a fearless activist.

goodnight x

In the begining…

Back in 1999, I was working for working for a design company in London. The people were nice, but the hours sucked. I always missed friend’s birthdays and nights out because I spent all day and night working at a Macintosh moving company logos around a computer screen till they looked vaguely interesting.

So I left. canceled my pension, moved out of my apartment, paid off my bills and took of to Thailand and India for a few months. Having never been outside of Europe before and seeing extreme poverty in India changed the way I saw the world. When I returned to London, I decided to give up design for a while and do something that would make the world a better place. I volunteered with environmental pressure  group, Greenpeace and soon I was doing non-violent direct actions with them. I especially liked doing the stencils onto whatever nuclear power plant, oil rig or building we were targeting.

While working on the Save or Delete campaign, we were lucky to get Banksy to do a poster for the campaign. I lived in Old street so I saw Banksy’s work everywhere. It was the first street art that I’d seen that changed the way I thought about things and that’s what made the difference. I went out around London stenciling the ‘Save or Delete’ campaign slogan everywhere, I also realized how effective stencils are at getting a message into people’s heads.