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Remembering Jo Hancock

Very sad news.

Jo Hancock who was on Greenpeace climb team and Glastonbury crew died on Friday in a road accident.

I met Jo for the first time in Dublin in April when she arrived in Dublin to do a direct action on the Spire, on O’Connell street. She called me when she arrived and I knew straight away we get on well. On the morning of the direct action Jo was buzzing with excitement, Frank attached a weather balloon filled with Helium to her and  we headed for the Spire and flew a banner up the monument.  Later that day when we took everything down we saw all the TV news that we’d made.  Here is Jo in action with Greenpeace

She was a great climber, a really gutsy activist and we all loved her. I’m really going to miss you Jo, thanks for being a friend and a fearless activist.

goodnight x