ACT! street stencil on Dublin's Quays

On 21st February workers and trade unions from all over the country will demonstrate against the Government’s proposals for tackling the recession. I’m going to march and I hope you’ll do the same.

I’ve been creating these street stencils to encourage people to get out there and march. They’re are easy to design, quick to make and not illegal (to the best of my knowledge. Depends on what you say of course)

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Get a large sheet of acetate (420 microns is the best weight)
  2. Print out your drawing/type and tape onto a cutting mat
  3. Place acetate on top and tape down also
  4. Cut stencil with very sharp scalpel or craft knife
  5. Make sure to leave wide ‘bridges’ and ‘islands’ in your type
  6. Place finished stencil onpavement (where there’s a build up of grime)
  7. Put on gloves and use a wire brush inside the stencil’s exposed areas
  8. Lift stencil and blow away excess dust

Get out on the streets of Dublin on Saturday 21st Feb. Assembly at Parnell Square, Dublin at 2pm.


Join – Free Art Friday

January is a depressing month, even more so when it’s at the beginning of a recession. This city and it’s people need something to smile about again and we need you to help make it happen.

Free Art Friday is a relatively new art movement that’s rapidly gaining in popularity around the World. Artists create a painting, sketch, sculpture or installation and leave it on the street. The piece can then be picked up by anyone and claim it as their own. Finders are encouraged to email the artist and tell them how and where they found it. We’re asking all painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptures, graffiti artists, taggers, cartoonists or any visual artist to contribute a small piece of work that will be hung/placed/or left on the streets of Dublin on Friday 23rd January for anyone to take away.

Click here to get involved.

12 Days of Xmas


Once again Steal From Work have crow-barred their way in-between the mince pies, mulled wine and bumper Radio Times to cram 70 of the world’s most loved & loathed contemporary urban artists together under one leaky roof for 12 festive fueled days.

Last year was the first 12 Days of Xmas exhibition, it was held in Bristol’s former Bridewell Police Station, and was hugely successful, attracting over 4,000 visitors over the 12 days.

This year they’ve taken over an old motorcycle showroom in the heart of Stokes Croft and once again will mixing up art from some of the scenes leading lights with exciting up and coming artists to literally stuff the venue with amazing art.

Famine & Byrne

famine and byrne

‘Famine & Byrne’ is now available as an A3 screen print limited edition of 150. This print is for everyone feeling the credit crunch and cost only €20 on sale at Versus, Scarlet Row, Temple Bar, Dublin (just 1 min around the corner from Front Lounge). Versus is open from 11am – 6pm (Late opening till 7.30 Thurs)

Meanwhile, yesterday I did ‘Famine & Byrne’ as wall piece at the Bernard Shaw with Dublin’s hardest working graffiti artist; Maser. He added the words ‘Hard Times’ in between and the wind blew the drips at an angle which was cool because it looks like rain. A huge thanks to Tag for helping me.


fb-two-tag fb-one-tag

Famine & Byrne (Benburb St, 9am Sunday morning)

famine-byrne-003 famine-byrne-002 famine-byrne-004

Art Raid footage

Thank you to everyone that helped organize and contributed to our special Art Raid for Konk on Wednesday 1st Oct. 75 pieces of work were up for grabs, with everything from tags, graffiti, stencils, illustrations, screen prints and 3D pieces. Thanks also to all the punters that came along and got value for money in return for the best of international and Dublin street art. Couldn’t have done this without anewspace and All City

Here’s some pictures and footage at the end. If it looks scary and tense it’s because it is a very tense, scary but fun show.

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