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Walls of Equality

dublin in love

Two nights ago, I found out that ADW would be painting the gates of South William to shout for Equality and love as part of Will St Leger’s #WallsOfEquality project.

As a big fan of both artists, I took a detour on my way out of the city to take some pictures of the piece. Quite clearly, it’s beautiful, engaging and it only takes two words to say the right thing “YES EQUALITY”

However, while taking these pictures, I was reminded why we are doing this; why we’re showing #DublinInLove. Minding my own business, an ‘interesting ‘ character looked at me and said “ni**er poof”.

I’m not quite sure why they felt the need to but we need to stomp it out. It’s water off a ducks back and we need to make sure we’re saying yes to love and yes to equality come May 22 ❤️

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Inside We’re Spooning

Inside We're Spooning

I recently submitted this one off piece called, “Inside We’re Spooning’ for an exhibit organised by No Fixed Abode in support of Marriage Equality at The Copper House Gallery.

The idea for the piece comes from our need to cuddle and spoon eachother, regardlesss of gender or orientation. The chemical structure at the top of the spoons is Oxytocin, which is a powerful hormone that is released when we hug or kiss a loved one.

London Olympics 1984

Welcome to the Olympics London 2012 or should I say 1984. Where ‘thought crime’ as told by George Orwell’s modern classic ‘1984’ is alive and well. This is not fiction, real life draconian rules and pre-emptive attacks on citizens in the UK are under-way . Two days ago, Graffiti blog The London Vandal was alerted to raids carried out on 4 artists homes. In pre-emptive crackdown against artists, British Transport Police said thet are part of, “a live and ongoing criminal investigation into linked incidents of criminal damage between January 2007 and July 2012” – What the Police failed to mention is that all of the artists arrested haven’t painted illegally for 15 years. One of the artists in fact has NEVER painted illegally, despite having worked with one of the Games’s major sponsors Adidas.  Read the full story here