Blank walls = blank minds

photo by Ian Keegan
photo by Ian Keegan
photo by Will St Leger

I recently finished my biggest street piece to date. It’s a large, blank grey wall at the end of South George’s Street, Dublin. I was thrilled when the Mercantile asked me to design a mural on their venue’s  gable end that would included the venue’s name.

I wanted something bold but fun. I decided to recreate the Mercantile’s name in an old style sign writing, but also include the sign-writer himself in a precarious situation. At 16, I was an apprentice for a talented sign- writer called Eamonn Power in my home town of Clonmel. So the ‘hanging painter’ is a homage to him.

Here’s an interview I did with Christopher Goodfellow for Totally Dublin which explains the piece more. Amazing photos too by Ian Keegan

Read the full interview here


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