The Secret Life of Light

This short film is about my journey from my studio to home. I’m a night owl, sometimes working till 3 or 4am and therefore my walk home is usually when most of Dublin is asleep.

The route I take is along the Liffey, past shop fronts with gratified shutters, empty offices and some nightclubs being emptied out. I became fascinated with how sodium street lights, car headlamps and neon tubes transform the surfaces of the city.

4 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Light

  1. Interesting video & well done.I’ve often thought along those lines in terms of how the rain effects the cityscape in a similar way. BTW just saw your name mentioned in a book (Visual feast)another student lent me when we were talking about graffiti on friday. I live beside Moss st ,D2 and my kids creche is along there, so we recognised loads of the work from photo’s and we always check along the walls for new stuff and look forward to seeing it. Thanks for making our city a more interesting place to live. thanks



  2. Nice shots and transitions. Kinda spiritual in a strange way. Looking forward to more Will Leger work in the city 🙂


  3. Lovely video, reminds me of the walks I take home myself- I live along the Liffey too.. Can I ask who the music is? amazing tune…



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