Snow stencils for World AIDS Day

Fancy doing some stenciling outdoors? I’ve been messing around with Snow Stencils in the last few days and I want you to join in. Wednesday 1st Dec 2010 is World AIDS Day and traditionally people wear a red ribbon to show their support/solidarity. I’ve made a small ribbon stencil for you to download Red Ribbon Stencil <-(right click to save PDF)

It’s really easy to make.

  1. Print out stencil.
  2. Spray mount/glue onto card
  3. Cut out (black parts) with a craft knife/scalpel
  4. Place on snow and spray (red)

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming that spraying on snow is actually legal. Authorities/Jobsworths/Unimaginative types may complain if you do it – either way I don’t care. It’s ‘mindful vandalism’


2 thoughts on “Snow stencils for World AIDS Day”

  1. Interesting link to the article on Jobsworth’s.

    I love “A person in authority (esp. a minor official) who insists on adhering to rules and regulations or bureaucratic procedures even at the expense of common sense.”

    I’ve met too many of them.

    Hello from Rio de Janeiro by the way. Last week here then off to new zealand. Hope all is well with Saint Wilegend.


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