Famine & Byrne (Larder)

Famine & Byrne, originally uploaded by willsaint.

I recently teamed up with talented furniture makers zelouf+BELL to collaborate on a Irish style larder. It got a lot of attention at the Interior Design & At Fair. Susan describes the work;

A key piece in zelouf+BELL’s Found collection, the Larder is a traditionally made cabinet in solid European oak, with a hand cut stencil graphic by Dublin-based artist/activist Will St. Leger. The figures (based on sculptor Rowan Gillespie’s 1997 Famine Memorial at Custom House Quay) are shanghaied by St. Leger with the introduction of a bag of groceries from Fallon and Byrne (a Dublin gourmet food emporium) into the gaunt arms of one figure, a tiny trophy dog in the other. In commissioning St. Leger to spray paint the graphic on their Larder, zelouf+BELL create a kind of shroud of Turin, the ghostly pair emerging from the wood, from the distant past of the Great Irish Famine and the not so distant past of the Celtic Tiger. The Larder raises questions about how we Irish perceive ourselves, and who we really are. As an object of desire, the Larder is the ultimate food store; superbly made using traditional techniques, with a hand rubbed oil finish, the Larder features a brilliantly concealed handle. When the Larder’s expensively hinged doors open out, the viewer/supplicant is embraced by the promise of plenty. The emaciated figures clutching their incongruous booty disappear from view, blotted, for a moment, from our collective memory.

Susan Zelouf, May 2010


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