Zine Day


A first for Toejam, but hopefully something that will grow into a bigger more frequent event. The idea is simple, we create, make and print a zine on the day from scratch in the Shaw. We start with a brief editorial meeting – not as boring as it sounds – a short discussion on who will do what i.e will do an article on some act or issue, who will do the artwork for it and so on. No previous experience necessary, just the enthusiasm for putting together a zine.

We also have the Irish Times’ Jim Carroll on board, along with Gareth Williamson creator of zine ‘Play That Song I Like’ . Wewill be adding more skills and disciplines over the next few days.

So, from start to finish, we will make a zine page by page, cuttings, sticking, illustrating, photocopying and stapling the finished article so you can take the zine home after a solid day’s work!

Zine Day will start at 1pm and finish at 6pm, is free to take part and attend and we will provide everything you need.


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