ACT! street stencil on Dublin's Quays

On 21st February workers and trade unions from all over the country will demonstrate against the Government’s proposals for tackling the recession. I’m going to march and I hope you’ll do the same.

I’ve been creating these street stencils to encourage people to get out there and march. They’re are easy to design, quick to make and not illegal (to the best of my knowledge. Depends on what you say of course)

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Get a large sheet of acetate (420 microns is the best weight)
  2. Print out your drawing/type and tape onto a cutting mat
  3. Place acetate on top and tape down also
  4. Cut stencil with very sharp scalpel or craft knife
  5. Make sure to leave wide ‘bridges’ and ‘islands’ in your type
  6. Place finished stencil onpavement (where there’s a build up of grime)
  7. Put on gloves and use a wire brush inside the stencil’s exposed areas
  8. Lift stencil and blow away excess dust

Get out on the streets of Dublin on Saturday 21st Feb. Assembly at Parnell Square, Dublin at 2pm.


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