Famine & Byrne

famine and byrne

‘Famine & Byrne’ is now available as an A3 screen print limited edition of 150. This print is for everyone feeling the credit crunch and cost only €20 on sale at Versus, Scarlet Row, Temple Bar, Dublin (just 1 min around the corner from Front Lounge). Versus is open from 11am – 6pm (Late opening till 7.30 Thurs)

Meanwhile, yesterday I did ‘Famine & Byrne’ as wall piece at the Bernard Shaw with Dublin’s hardest working graffiti artist; Maser. He added the words ‘Hard Times’ in between and the wind blew the drips at an angle which was cool because it looks like rain. A huge thanks to Tag for helping me.


fb-two-tag fb-one-tag

Famine & Byrne (Benburb St, 9am Sunday morning)

famine-byrne-003 famine-byrne-002 famine-byrne-004


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