Gaza Under Attack

July 29, 2014

Israel at Work

Inside We’re Spooning

May 8, 2014

Inside We're Spooning

I recently submitted this one off piece called, “Inside We’re Spooning’ for an exhibit organised by No Fixed Abode in support of Marriage Equality at The Copper House Gallery.

The idea for the piece comes from our need to cuddle and spoon eachother, regardlesss of gender or orientation. The chemical structure at the top of the spoons is Oxytocin, which is a powerful hormone that is released when we hug or kiss a loved one.

Bring Your Mind

March 9, 2014

Debut single, ‘Bring Your Mind’ by my electronic band Faune. Download for free here follow Faune @FauneBand on Twitter


March 24, 2013


A magical, multi-sensory experience for you and a partner that will redefine what Belfast means to you forever.

Staged on the streets of Belfast, Kaleidoscope will allow you to encounter the city like never before. Choose where you go and what you look at as multiple stories weave around you, plunging you into the hopes, fears and daily lives of people from across the city.

Directed by multi award-winning theatre maker Louise Lowe and artist Will St Leger.

Thursday 28 March. 7pm. Belfast City Centre.

Tickets £5. Very limited capacity.

Please note that this experience is designed to be experienced with a partner.

For info and tickets or call 028 9024 6609.

For enquiries please contact

Too Soon?

January 8, 2013


I’ve never liked January. Even though I celebrate my birthday at the end of the month, January is the time of the year when reality comes crashing down after the festive season and everything seems a bit gloomy.

Which is why the folks behind First Fornight have been doing amazing work over the past few years to highlight mental health in Irish society through a dedicated arts Festival. This year I was invited to produced a street art piece for the festival which runs from Jan 2 – 12. The piece I made was about Facebook and our relationship with our ‘friends’ on social media.

In the early days of the internet we talked about how Web 2.0 was creating a ‘Global Village’. For most people access to information on the world wide web has dramatically changed how we interact. In the past decade I’ve seen the effects of overreliance on social media, I think maybe it’s turning us into, ‘Like’ zombies, ‘Retweet’ robots. More and more the need for cyber vailidation has pushed meaningiful dialogue into the background.

Among the clutered status upates, images of cute kittens and  exclaimtions that there are, “x amount of sleeps till…”  a single status by someone calling out for help can be lost. Even if seen, do we ‘like’ it and move on without checking in with them?

My piece is about a breakdown of Facebook. The ‘wall’ is broken and refusing to by tied to the generic status update, I’ve written by hand the lyric, “I am human and I need to be loved” taken from How Soon Is Now by The Smiths.


Photo Credits: Aidan Kelly

Check out the full line up of Street Artists involved in First Fornight at the ‘Street Art Blog’

Check out my new ‘Free Art’ page in the menu bar.

August 2, 2012

Over the next few months I’m putting high resolution versions of some of my work online for anyone to download, print and share.  Enjoy.

London Olympics 1984

July 19, 2012

Welcome to the Olympics London 2012 or should I say 1984. Where ‘thought crime’ as told by George Orwell’s modern classic ‘1984’ is alive and well. This is not fiction, real life draconian rules and pre-emptive attacks on citizens in the UK are under-way . Two days ago, Graffiti blog The London Vandal was alerted to raids carried out on 4 artists homes. In pre-emptive crackdown against artists, British Transport Police said thet are part of, “a live and ongoing criminal investigation into linked incidents of criminal damage between January 2007 and July 2012″ – What the Police failed to mention is that all of the artists arrested haven’t painted illegally for 15 years. One of the artists in fact has NEVER painted illegally, despite having worked with one of the Games’s major sponsors Adidas.  Read the full story here


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